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I. The ATA Carnet procedure - what's that?

The ATA Carnet is a customs document which facilitates the temporary use of professional equipment, trade fair materials and commercial samples in those third countries affiliated to the Carnet procedure. Over 60 European and non-European states have now signed up to the ATA Carnet procedure. The affiliated countries are listed on the green cover sheet of the printed ATA Carnet. The “Mustervorschriften” section of our German-language export reference work "K und M" - Guide to Consular and Import Documentation Requirements similarly contains an overview of the Carnet member states.

The ATA Carnet procedure has the following advantages:

You can complete the formalities under customs law for temporary use in all Carnet member states by submitting the ATA Carnet form issued by our Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In those states which are not members of the Carnet procedure, you would need to register your goods in accordance with the national customs regulations for temporary use of dutiable goods.
Payment of customs duties and other import charges lapses in those countries in which the goods are being used on a temporary basis. Provision of a security against the import charges, which is normally required in connection with temporary use of dutiable goods, similarly lapses. This is made possible by the fact that the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag, or DIHK), in whose name our Chamber of Commerce issues ATA Carnets, provides an absolute suretyship in respect of the foreign customs authorities for your import charges.
The ATA Carnet is fundamentally valid for one year. This means that you can use a Carnet issued by our Chamber of Commerce for as many trips as needed within one year.
Not all countries who are members of the Carnet procedure recognise Carnets for all the intended purposes (professional equipment, trade fair materials and commercial samples). In many countries, special regulations need to be respected. Some countries also recognise Carnets for intended purposes in addition to the above (e.g. sports competitions). Before applying for a Carnet, you are therefore advised to discuss the situation with the Carnet issuing office at the Chamber of Commerce’s Service Centre.

II. Issuing ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets are issued by the Chamber of Commerce’s Service Centre. The printed ATA Carnets and the supplementary sheets can be obtained from the counter in our Service Centre, via our Internet shop and from authorised specialist retailers. Our help sheet on "Carnet ATA-Benutzerhinweise" (“ATA Carnet – Notes for Users”), which you can find in the download area, provides help on filling out the Carnet form and on the correct use of the Carnet.  

Our Chamber of Commerce issues ATA Carnets for companies which are members of the Chamber and for other natural persons and legal entities having their main domicile or base in Hamburg. Our Chamber of Commerce makes a charge for issuing an ATA Carnet. For member companies, this charge is currently EUR 14.00. For private persons, corporations and for companies which are not members of the Chamber, the charge for issuing a Carnet is currently EUR 28.00. These charges apply for the processing of up to 10 insert sheets. For each additional 2 insert sheets, the charge is increased by EUR 0.50. The charge is payable at the counter in our Service Centre before the Carnet is issued.

The German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), represented by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, is the guarantor absolute under the ATA Carnet procedure for import charges in the country of use. To cover the payment risk, a reinsurance contract was concluded with Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG. In applying for the issue of an ATA Carnet, you are therefore simultaneously applying to conclude guaranty insurance. The insurance premium which we collect and which is to be paid over to Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG is destined to provide reinsurance for the customs guarantor (securitising the customs risk). However, this is not linked to the concluding of transport insurance or of insurance in respect of import charge debts possibly arising for you in the third countries. We collect the insurance premium in addition to the Carnet issuing charge, before the Carnet is issued. The level of the insurance premium is geared to the total value of the goods listed in the Carnet.

FOR EXAMPLE: IN GERMANY, Since 1 April 2008, the insurance premium is as follows:

For goods up to the value of € 9,999.99  € 30.00  
From € 10,000.00 to € 24,999.99:  € 50.00  
From € 25,000.00 to € 49,999.99:  € 90.00  
From € 50,000.00 to € 149,999.99:  € 175.00  
From € 150,000.00 to € 299,999.99:  € 325.00  
From € 300,000.00 to € 499,999.99:  € 550.00  
For each additional commenced € 500,000.00:  € 300.00



This list is the central ATA Carnet office in your country. Please see on internet if it is any ATA Carnet office in your city or in your area.


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - Chambre Economique Fédérale d'Autriche
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63 - P.O. Box 197
A-1045 Vienna
Tel - (43-1) 05 90 900 4412
Fax - (43-1) 05 90 900 14412
Web -
Contact Person :
Mag. Tatjana Penava, Director
Austrian and International Customs Law,
Department for Financial, Fiscal and Trade Policy

Czech Republic

Hospodarska Komora Ceské Republiky
Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic
Chambre Economique de la République tchèque
Freyova 27
190 00 Praha 9 - Vysocany
Tel - (420) 296 646 401 (Dr Kerner) - 296 646 106 (Mrs Bednarova)
Fax - (420) 296 646 406
Web -
Contact Person :
Dr Antonin Kerner, Senior Director, Trade Promotion Division
Mrs Bozena Bednarova, ATA Carnet Manager


Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK)
Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce
Association des Chambres d'Industrie et de Commerce Allemandes
Mailing address: D-11052 Berlin, Germany
Office: Breite Strasse 29 - D-10178 Berlin
Tel - (49-30) 203 08 23 20
Fax - (49-30) 203 08 523 22
Web -
Contact Person :
Mr Christoph Wolf, Director, International Department
Mr Thomas Greiser, Director, Customs
Mrs Kornelia Ferati, Carnet Office


Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara
Hungarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Hongrie
Kossuth Lajor Tér 6-8
H-1055 Budapest
Tel - (36-1) 474 51 55
Fax - (36-1) 474 51 59
Web -
Contact Person :
Ms Kornélia Drajko, ATA Manager


Unione Italiana delle Camere di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura (UNIONCAMERE)
Piazza Sallustio
IT-00187 Roma
Tel - (39-06) 470 42 35 / 36
Fax - (39-06) 487 19 95
Web -
Contact Person :
M. Romano Manoni, Directeur, Commerce Extérieur et Communautaire
Mme Alessandra Procesi, Mlle Danila Lelli, Mme Claudia Damia

Republic of Macedonia

Economic Chamber of Macedonia
Dimitrie Cupovski Street No. 13
P.O. Box 324 - 91000 Skopje
Tel - (389-2) 311 80 88
Fax - (389-2) 311 62 10
Contact Person :
Mr Lazo Angelevski

Montenegro (ME)

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM)
Novaka Miloseva 29/II, Pordgorica
Tel - (382-20) 210.130;  
Fax: (382-20) 230.493
E-mail: atapkcg@cg.yu;  
WWW Site:
Contact Person
Milijan Sestovic, ATA Manager
Srdja Vujosevidc, ATA Officer


Polish Chamber of Commerce
Chambre de Commerce de Pologne
ul. Trebacka 4, P.O. Box 361
00-074 Warszawa
Tel - (48-22) 827 70 52 - 630 97 12
Fax - (48-22) 827 46 73 - 630 99 81
Contact Person :
Dr Wojciech Januszko, Director, Legalisation and ATA Carnet Division
Mrs Krystyna Sowinska, ATA Carnet Manager

Slovak Republic

Slovenská obchodná a priemyselná  komora
Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Gorkého 9
816 03 Bratislava
(visiting address: Viedenska stir. 5, Incheba Building, 15th Floor, Bratislava-Petrľalka
Tel - (421-2) 67 20 26 12 - Mrs B. Strhanova
Tel -(421-2) 62 41 17 63 - Mrs J. Gidova, Mr J. Knopp
Fax - (421-2) 67 20 26 00
Web -
Contact Person :
Mr Juraj Knopp, Advisor Specialist, ATA System Manager
Mrs Beata Strhanova, Claims on Slovak ATA Carnets
Mrs Jana Gidova, Claims on foreign ATA Carnets


Gospodarska Zbornica slovenije
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Slovénie
Dimiceva 13 - SI-1504 Ljubljana
Tel - (386-1) 5898 116 - 5898 119
Fax - (386-1) 5898 115
Web -,
Contact Person :
Mrs Pavla Suban ©val, Head of Department
Ms Eva ®ontar, ATA Carnet Adviser

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